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Review of VPN Reviews – IPvanish, ExpressVPN, NordVPN, CyberGhost VPN

Review of VPN Reviews

This Review of VPN service reviews will help you know which VPN service delivers the service you need. TechRadar and Tomsguide reviewed Express VPN, IPvanish, NordVPN, Hotspot shield, and GhostVPN as the best VPN for Windows and Mac. Here are their VPN service reviews to guide your choices.

Express VPN:

According to Vpnservicepro, this VPN service is the best VPN because it is packed with a huge amount of unique features like fast speed, privacy and unblocking of websites. Also, because it has a 30day money back guarantee.

Tomsguide shows great satisfaction with its industrial level encryption and wide compatibility across all devices.

These websites both point out to the same common downsides. They feel that Express VPN is costly if you opt for its premium subscription. They also dislike its limitation; allowing just three devices to use the service at the same time.


TechRadar gives this VPN a 4.5 rating. They see it as the best all-around option for torrenting and P2P, a lot of people sad Ipvanish is one of the best for netflix, from Ipvanish Netflix Review. Tomsguide’s review on this VPN was also a 4.5 rating. They are impressed by the usability of the VPN and its speed. Just like for Express VPN, both websites pointed out to common downsides for the IPvanish VPN – which are its high price tag and the absence of a kill switch.


Although this is the third best VPN on VPNservicepro, it maintains a great standing because of its combination of strong security and fast speed. Tomsguide describes this VPN as the most impressively secure VPN with a super 2048-bit encryption. It also commends NordVPN for its proxy extensions for Paypal, Bitcoin, Chrome, credit cards and Firefox.

The only downside Tomsguide points out about NordVPN is the fact that it has a slow customer service support and lacks a live chat feature.

Hotspot Shield

Vpnservicepro rates Hotspot Shield as the best VPN to get unlimited service for browsing online privately. They also love the fact that this VPN has no ads and supports up to 5 connected devices only when you get its premium tag. Tomsguide reviews this VPN as speedy but mysterious. They also love its affordable lifetime subscription.

There are a lot of recorded downsides on this service. Each website complains of its inability to unblock Netflix, no Bitcoin support, and it does not support OpenVPN.


Most of powerful describes this VPN as the most secure VPN that automatically unblocks all your geo-blocked website by opening a new browser window on the targeted site. Tomsguide’s review on this VPN had a 4 out of 5 rating. They love the fact that this VPN has a user-friendly interface. They also mention other features like its ability to torrent files, protect your WiFi Transmission and the ability to connect with other third-party Open VPN. 

Although each website finds this VPN to be highly functional, they all rate it low because it has a 24-hours ?stingy? trial.

After carefully reviewing what these top domain websites say, we have no hesitation in recommending the above-listed VPNs. Their Pros highly outnumber their Cons and they are used by millions of user worldwide.