How to Use the Right Software to Get More Business Results?

Software is a set of rules for generating data structures in a database, operations on them, as well as integrity constraints that determine admissible connections and data values, the sequence of their change. That is why it is so important to use the right software to get more business results. Take a look at our recommendations below.

Online Security as the Key to Successful Business

Today, security, as a complex characteristic of the social system, must be viewed from different angles. First, security should be considered as an objective characteristic of the external conditions of the system operation environment, which assumes the presence of external danger to the system and a certain possibility of its manifestation (implementation). This is, so to speak, an external dimension of danger. In this sense, the source of danger and the object (system) to which it is directed, are separated. Thus analyzing the conditions of functioning of the social system, the emphasis is on the object (elements of the system), the interests (needs) of which require measures to protect it. As a rule, the results of this analysis should cover the following aspects:

  • elements that provide protection of the object from danger;
  • the condition of the object, for which it cannot be significantly damaged;
  • the state of functioning of the object, in which the probability of undesirable changes in any of its parameters (indicators) that characterize its normal life is relatively insignificant, ie it can be practically neglected;
  • an acceptable level of danger, and, consequently, the degree of protection from danger in the event of its implementation, depending on the possible costs of limiting the effects of factors that give rise to a dangerous phenomenon (event, process, etc.);
  • the ability of the object to retain its basic characteristics and natural essence in the event of negative actions by other objects, phenomena, or processes;
  • conditions under which no significant damage (damage) is caused to other objects that are elements of the system.

Use Business Transactions to Get More Business Results

Due to the weak connectivity of the participants in a business transaction, it is impossible to predict their quantity and quality of Concurrent instances of the same transaction can involve different groups and sets of executors for the same operations. Some resources involved in a business transaction are highly dynamic. For example, the results of calculations or communication resources can change many times during the execution of even one transaction. The results of many operations (for example, manual) business transactions cannot be automatically reversed. To return the system to its initial state, special compensating actions can be used.

For these reasons, locking protocols (including the two-phase commit protocol) that guarantee atomicity cannot be used directly, and locking can be replaced with compensation. In this case, it is assumed that all updates of the transaction are successful and their commit occurs immediately, however, methods of canceling the changes using special compensating actions are prepared in advance. Each nested element of a business transaction can have its own compensating operation, and the transaction cancellation, in this case, will occur by sequentially starting all compensating operations in the order inverse to the execution of nested elements. Application areas – small companies and medium-sized enterprises with a large number of permanent specialized jobs are determined by the organization.