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Dog Hoodie Review

Each pet owner, sooner or later, thinks about how to choose dog hoodies for small dogs? This question is especially acute in the fall, when with the onset of rainy weather, even after a short walk, the dog needs to be thoroughly washed and wiped dirty feet and belly.

Types of clothes for dogs

Many dog ​​breeders argue about whether a dog needs clothes and each has its arguments. Some of them believe that a waterproof jumpsuit significantly reduces the time of tedious hygiene procedures after each walk. In winter, a warm dog “sweater” will protect your pet from hypothermia. But other dog breeders consider clothing for dogs unnecessary and even harmful because in natural conditions it is perfectly warmed by its own wool “coat.” But in the harsh conditions of the cold climate, small and heat-loving breeds simply can not do without a warm and comfortable overall.

Clothing for dogs is divided into two main categories: for practical use and decorative clothing. With decorative clothes, everything is clear: these are various bright lace “dresses”, T-shirts, caps and shorts with rhinestones and appliques that are bought to make the dog look stylish and fashionable.

Such accessories do not protect well from dirt and cold, quickly get dirty and deteriorate, so they are chosen for exhibitions, photo sessions or just for warm sunny weather. The second category is clothing for long walks in the rain or frost. Most often, this is a long practical jumpsuit or woolen sweater covering the chest, trunk, and legs.

How to choose hoody for a dog

To correctly and accurately learn how to choose clothes for a dog, be sure to take it with you to a pet store. So you can quickly and accurately determine the type, seasonality, and size.

Allow more time for the purchase, since the first fitting of the overalls can be long and tiring for both you and your pet. Not every dog ​​happily “tries on” new clothes and dressing and undressing it in the store several times is not an easy task. It is very important to ensure that clothing for dogs is sized, not squeezing the neck, paws or lower back.

It should be comfortable in the overalls-raincoat, it should not restrain movement when running or jumping. Take a walk with the pet through the territory of the pavilion, watch its reaction and gait. For long-haired breeds, choose models in which there are no unnecessary details, lacing, and jewelry; in practice, all such excesses will only confuse long thick wool. For breeds with short hair or delicate skin, buy clothes made of soft, delicate fabric without coarse seams and hard parts, otherwise, after long walks, bald spots will form on the body.

Also, it should not be too loose and hang on the stomach with a “bag”, a large jumpsuit will fall off and become dirtier sooner. Even if you buy a simple T-shirt or “dress” for a little

Spitz, do not rely on your memory but take your pet to the pet store. If you don’t have the opportunity to come with a dog, first measure and write down all the parameters: height at the withers, the girth of the neck, waist, chest, length of the legs and the distance from the neck to the tail. Thus, the consultant can quickly and accurately choose the right clothes for the dog.