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Best TotalAV Reviews

Want to know more about TotalAV? We have prepared a TotalAV review, about an antivirus program for several devices. This is one of the only solutions on the market for PCs and tablets running Windows and Mac iOS, as well as for mobile devices running Android and iOS, regardless of the operating system.

This software is particularly interesting in that it offers a discount system for the purchase of several licenses, and any future improvements will complement this already rich offer.

What is TotalAV?

This antivirus program with a classic architecture has a well-known triple effect:

  • detection
  • insulation
  • final removal of threats.

At the same time, the terminal provides an intuitive and elegant interface.

The virus database is constantly updated, so you can be sure of the effectiveness of the software. Finally, the antivirus program does not work too resource-intensive, so you can easily continue to use your computer or mobile devices while scanning.

You should also consider the completeness of the processed threats, since the anti-virus program applies to all types of malware, including adware.

Main versions of TotalAV

TotalAV is available in four different versions. Although the free version includes virus scanning and quick scan, there is no real-time scan that constantly runs in the background and immediately announces an alarm for malware attacks.

The user can purchase the following versions of Total AV:

  • The basic version of TotalAV Essential Antivirus
  • TotalAV Antivirus Pro
  • TotalAV Ultimate Antivirus. It includes all the features of Pro, as well as 24/7 support and smartphone protection and optimization tools.

On the other hand, all three versions of Total AV are equipped with real-time scanning.

Complete protection when visiting web pages

Internet protection is an important addition to the antivirus program itself: the prevention function blocks the threat before it spreads, and if it penetrates, antivirus software can eliminate it.

What else can TotalAV?

In addition to these two main functions, TotalAV offers very interesting additional functions for your PC or Macintosh and your mobile devices.

At the top of the list is “Performance Improvement,” a feature that, as the name suggests, makes your device more powerful. The system can scan the device to find any speed issues. Once problems are detected, the system will fix them.

The meaning of the system accelerator may seem a little unclear, but in fact, it is a simple solution to free up space for your devices. Almost always there is too little available space, not knowing how the overload will occur. This option, therefore, eliminates all duplicate files and allows you to free up disk space by asking if you want to delete these duplicates. It may seem unbelievable, but copies alone can take tens of gigabytes!

TotalAV can convince that it is worthy of attention.

First of all, it is that it is suitable for all devices and operating systems. There is no longer any need to look for antivirus software, and now it’s easier to work with a user interface that uses the same function keys on all terminals.

We also note that TotalAV is approved in the App Store and Google Play Store, which provides an additional guarantee of quality offers.