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Best Hosting Reviews

This Best Hosting Reviews will come in handy when choosing a web hosting service for your blog or website. People who have used and reviewed these services have had varying opinions. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

HostGator Web Hosting

Users and expert reviews on WhoIsHostingThis.Com commend HostGator for its good hosting services. Most users were pleased with its basic plan which gives you as much freedom as possible, with no limits on disk space, bandwidth, MySQL Databases, Subdomain, FTP, and Email Accounts. On the other hand, other users complain that HostGator offers very slow page loading which, many times, reduce sales and conversion rates because page visitors end up leaving out of impatience. Users also pointed out that HostGator charges an extra fee for automated backups which cPanel offers by default.

In a review by Ryan Frankel on HostingAdvice.Com, he mentions that HostGator has the most reliable customer support service. You can look forward to having fast and reliable support any time of the day if you get stuck somewhere, as well as expect Bing and Google Ads credits worth up to $200. He also points that, as much as this is quite an affordable hosting service, you don’t get a free domain name on registration. It also allows you to operate only one website. On the upside, there is a 45-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service.

GoDaddy Web hosting

In a review by Natalie Mootz on WhoIsHostingThis.Com, Godaddy rates as the best web hosting sevice for small business. She also comments on Godaddy’s exciting plans which include shared hosting plan which cost only a few bucks a month. There are so many positive reviews by users of Godaddy and a lot of people love their productivity add-ons for small businesses. The common problem every user talks about is that GoDaddy does not use a content delivery network (CDN).

Different users with varying opinions have shared their experiences using GoDaddy hosting. While many customers have agreed that this service truly does provide an excellent customer service and support system, and of course, great hosting performance, there are other issues to think about too. HostingFacts reviews this hosting service and rates it a 1.7 star out of 10. Most users agree that GoDaddy provides a great hosting service but also comes with a number of unpleasant realities and limitations.


HostingManual reviews BlueHost Web Service and acclaimed it was impressed with the excellent security features on this service. It also mentioned that BlueHost provides an easy to use cPanel, Unlimited Disk Storage, Email Addresses, Domain Hosting, and Bandwidth. There is a 90-day money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the service.

According to HostAdvice, BlueHost’s Unlimited Plan is really expensive and its affordable plans have quite a number of limitations. Many users find it tough that you have to sign up for a whole year and the discount offered is only available for a 2-year plan. There are also complains of limitations on the number of databases and accounts you can run on your site, even though this is done to ensure better network performance.